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The 26th National Anti-Cancer Week


In an effort to raise awareness of Cancer, China holds National Anti-Cancer Week every year on 15th-21th, April. 18.1 million people are diagnosed with cancer and 9.6 million people die of cancer every year worldwide. However, at least 1/3 of common cancers are preventable. Study shows that early diagnosis and treatment is the key to improve cancer treatment and raise survival rate.

As one important therapy for early cancer treatment, tumor ablation is increasingly welcomed by physicians. The advantages of ablative therapies include being minimally invasive, repeatability, low procedural cost, short hospital stay, and synergy with other cancer treatments. More importantly, ablation procedures destroy early stage tumors while preserving healthy tissues and organs, which greatly improves prognosis and life quality of patients.

To address various challenges and different types of tumors in liver, lung, thyroid, prostate etc., Surgnova provides advanced and comprehensive solutions of tumor ablation, including microwave ablation, radio-frequency ablation, and irreversible electroporation ablation (IRE). We're dedicated to offering precise and reliable ablation therapies to alleviate pain, enhance clinical outcomes, and improve patients' quality of life.

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