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Superb Capability In Tissue Dissection And Vessel Sealing
SoniCure™ SC100E
Ультразвуковая скальпельная система
SoniCure™ SC100E Ultrasonic Scalpel System provides surgeons with superior tissue dissection and vessel sealing capability with less thermal damage.The system is armed with high-frequency signal tracking and tissue adaptive technologies,and can comfortably handle the challenges in minimally-invasive and open procedures.
Superb Capability in Tissue Dissection and
  • High Frequency Signal Tracking and Tissue Adaptive Technologies

  • Superior Dissection Speed

  • Solid Hemostasis Capability

  • Minimal Thermal Damage

  • High Quality Materials

  • Graphical User Interface

Ergonomic Handle Design for Easy Operation
  • Curved Jaw Design for Better Maneuverability and Easier Endoscopic Viewing

  • High Quality Titanium Alloy Material

  • High Quality Material of Jaw Pads for Better Durability in Long Procedures

  • Integrated Design Of Torque Wrench and Turning Wheel

  • A Variety of Models Available

High Precision Ultrasonic Transducer
  • High Quality Piezoelectric Ceramic Material

  • Autoclave Sterilization

  • Ultrasonic Horn Structure Design for Optimized Energy Concentration

  • Built-in Memory Chip to Record Usage Times

  • Up to 99 Times of Use

Superior Dissection Speed,Solid Hemostasis Capabil

Compared with Ethicon Harmonic, SoniCure™ Delivers Higher Vessel Sealing Security and Similar Dissection Speed.

SoniCure™ SC100E Ultrasonic Scalpel System

SC100Ultrasonic Scalpel System- Generator
SC100TUltrasonic Scalpel System- Transducer

SC13C+Ultrasonic Scalpel System-Ultrasonic Scalpel13cm
SC21C+Ultrasonic Scalpel System-Ultrasonic Scalpel21cm
SC35C+Ultrasonic Scalpel System-Ultrasonic Scalpel35cm
SC43C+Ultrasonic Scalpel System-Ultrasonic Scalpel43cm

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