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"Brave the Winds and Waves, Walking to the Sun" —2021 Surgnova Outdoor Expansion


Recently, "Brave the Winds and Waves, walking to the Sun" -- 2021 Surgnova outdoor expansion was successfully held in Beijing. With a pair of thin feet, a tough body, a united and brave heart, Surgnova people completed the first triathlon challenge in their lives! 
The team means the agreement of spirit, the unity of aim, the action of coordination, and the encouragement in difficulty and the power in defeat. “Surgnova is always on the road and never stop. We are trying to create a talent wonderland, where you can work with interesting, like-minded people, do meaningful things, and finally achieve your life ideals. ” shared by the founder of Surgnova, Mr Jindi Zhang.

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Адрес:Здание C1, Североамериканский международный бизнес-центр, улица Бейюань № 108, район Чаоян, Пекин, Китайская Народная Республика

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