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Smart, Precise and Reliable Stapling with One Hand
Powered Endoscopic Staplers
Alligator™ can be used for severing, resectioning and establishing anastomosis, mainly suitable for open or minimally invasive surgery, such as general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, thoracic surgery and pediatric surgery, can be used in conjunction with anastomotic lines or tissue support materials, can also be used to cut off and remove liver parenchyma (liver vasculature and biliary tract structure), pancreas, kidney and spleen.
Smart, Precise and Reliable Stapling with One Hand
  • Electrical control deflection, clamp and firing, easy operation and more stable

  • Accurate tissue pressing, consistent force on tissue delivers consistent staple lines and perfect stapling outcome

  • Appropriate clamping force and tissue pressing force to reduce the escape and displacement of tissue during stapling and to prevent unnecessary tissue damage caused by excessive pressing

  • Up to 45° in each direction to provide a larger operating space

  • Stapler firing is not allowed in case of no reload or used reload in the cartridge to avoid dry firing

  • Automatic monitoring of tissue thickness, stapler firing is not allowed when the tissue thickness exceeds limitation to avoid abnormal staple formation

  • Duel security setup of jaw deflection and scalpel entering、manual security settings backup to calmly respond possible accident

  • Liner cutter reloads designed with 6 different thickness & 2 different stitching length to meet various needs

  • Light and flexible, single hand operation

ItemsModelShaft LengthStaple Line LengthCutting Length
Powered Endoscopic StaplersOES45-260260mm45mm38mm
Powered Endoscopic StaplersOEC45-360360mm45mm38mm
Powered Endoscopic StaplersOEL45-460460mm45mm38mm
Powered Endoscopic StaplersOES60-260260mm60mm54mm
Powered Endoscopic StaplersOEC60-360360mm60mm54mm
Powered Endoscopic StaplersOEL60-460460mm60mm54mm

ItemsCodeStaple Line LengthCutting LengthStaple HeightClosed Staple HeightReloads Color Number of Staples
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR452045mm38mm2.0mm0.75mmGrey66
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR452545mm38mm2.5mm1.0mmWhite 66
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR453045mm38mm3.0mm1.3mmBronze66
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR453545mm38mm3.5mm1.5mmBlue66
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR453845mm38mm3.8mm1.8mmGold66
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR454045mm38mm4.0mm2.0mmGreen66
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR602560mm54mm2.5mm1.0mmWhite90
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR603060mm54mm3.0mm1.3mmBronze90
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR603560mm54mm3.5mm1.5mmBlue90
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR603860mm54mm3.8mm1.8mmGold90
Linear Cutter Reloads OCR604060mm54mm4.0mm2.0mmGreen90

Non-Rechargeable Battery PackNBP12

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