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Surgnova in Iraq


Recently, Surgnova Dophi™ R150E Radiofrequency Ablation System successfully supported hands-on workshop on Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of thyroid, breast, and lung tumors lead by Dr. Baslan at Zheen Hospital in Erbil.

The cases were: RFA of three benign thyroid nodules, RFA of three breast fibroadenomas, and a case of RFA of colorectal lung metastases. All procedures were successfully performed without immediate complications.

The Dophi™ R150E Radiofrequency Ablation System utilizes a high-precision impedance control algorithm, allowing for accurate real-time impedance monitoring. This feature, combined with automatic power output adjustment, ensures efficient ablation. In addition, the integrated cooling pump provides stable and effective cooling performance, which is essential for maintaining optimal thermal control. The device features a built-in three-channel ablation system with multiple ablation modes to meet a wide range of clinical requirements. Furthermore, the circulation of shaft cooling minimizes carbonization of surrounding tissue, resulting in a larger ablation zone. Lastly, the 19G thin electrodes are specifically designed for superficial tumor ablation and are equipped with a unique algorithm to enhance precision and efficiency in the RFA process.

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